Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Morning Everyone,

Yes, my Great Great Grandmother, on my Mother's side, was Jane Bury Scriven Evans, or Mrs. Edward Kentish Evans. She was the baby sister of Joseph Medlicott Scriven. He was born almost 10 years before her.

My oldest sister, is 10 years older than my youngest, sister. So my oldest sister was 'going out the door' and making her own family, when we were still little kids.

With Jane's older brothers going off to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. And military school across the channel in England, she was the 'baby' sister still at home, until she married Edward. Edward was from the area of Kilbroney, Ireland, which you can find on maps. It is just northeast of Banbridge and north of Dublin. Now when I started really working on the family history, I discovered I DIDN'T KNOW SQUAT about where to find places on the globe. Oh sure I'd heard of these places, read about them, saw them on Masterpiece Theater & BBC America and tons of other places BUT - Can you without looking it up - go to a map of England and... say ... put your finger on the general area of London? Can you go to a map of Ireland - and without looking - put your finger in the general area of Dublin ( I'll be generous and just say the general area )

How about this - right here in the United States - my youngest girl in right now going to University in Washington D.C.. Can you go to a map of the eastern seaboard and put your finger almost on where our District Of Columbia, our Nations Capitol is? I admit I couldn't and still have to scan in close on maps to actually see it's exact location - those states are all still a jumble in my minds eye. I could use the excuse that it's because I live all the way over in California - on the other side of the continent. BUT I was born in Rhode Island, so I really should be more aware. So one thing I'm hugely appreciative of, and enjoy is that I've been able to learn more geography.

So with a lot fewer people in those days in rural Ireland, and in the general same vicinity, I figure almost everyone knew each other ..... wouldn't you?

Still tinkering with figuring out working this Blog, so expect to improve greatly as we go on. I play with all the little fiddlily bits. Anyone who wishes to leave a comment and visit, is most welcome. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Best Wishes, Katiebird

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