Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Greeting All,

I made contact with a nice guy who is agreeable to sharing a video he has about Joseph Scriven. I'm studying the directions on doing that on blogger. I'd like to have it always available off to the side but I don't know if that's possible. I don't want it getting buried in past emails. But might have to do that, just to get it started here, and later on I can learn how to put it wherever I want.

He said he had never known the original name of the hymn "What A Friend We Have In Jesus", was "Pray Without Ceasing". I'm looking forward to visiting with him more.

I also came across on Youtube several versions of the hymn by different artists. I've tried leaving positive comments, but I keep getting error message. I've done a lot of searching and apparently this is an old problem that has been going on a long time and before Google bought Youtube. I see lots of complaints about others getting the error message . I tried the tips others made about this problem but I couldn't get them to work for me. I'm sure there are others out there who are more technical than me. If they can't get it to work? Many people are complaining about this and other stuff but there is no Youtube customer service and they can only talk to others on a forum. So guess I missed the Golden Days of Youtube. Unless there is a big change soon - I wonder if it's going down the tubes? Oh - is that a pun!?

Had a great day Tuesday with my mother-in-law down over in Vallejo. That's Vallejo, California, in case your thinking of a different one. Tried the new low diet taco on the poster at Taco Bell. Steak meat and lots of salad fix on top in soft shell. I really liked them. Usually get the original hard taco shell with hamburger. Boy am I in a rut, but hey! I like the originals.

So no blog work yesterday. Trying to catch up today and trying to get the Youtube comments to work took a lot of time and I'm giving up for now. It's frustrating to type out some stuff several ways & times, and it doesn't post. I got down to just entering the one word, test. I still got the error message.

Well tomorrows a new day,

Happy Trails All, Katie

Monday, April 26, 2010


YIKES Working to spread the word for Katie's "SCRIVEN HALL" and another website expects to see at least 5 entries for it to come onboard. So I rushed back here today to get this in before they come looking.

"OH ---- HI GUYS", Uh huh, yep see I got 5 blog entries here.

There has to be a 'Dummies book for making a Blog' ( HEY I'm gonna look that up! ) and I need the Army's comic book version. Lots of pictures and "now do this" instructions. Like today I've had to redo my password here
What the Disc's going on? But that's OK, I know it's God's way of having some fun and seeing if he can get me to blow my stack. I'm wise to him tho, I'm just gonna get some fresh ice-tea and chill.

Happy Trails, Katiebird



Welcome Everyone,

Was pondering how I was going to begin today and it came to me in a flash. I figured it would be me doing all the talking about; family history ... family TREES ... genealogy ... ancestry .......
But I can't do all that without learning how to do all this Blog thing. There's things I want to share, that I have to get from other places on the internet. So I have to learn how to bring them here for you. I'm the one going to be doing the learning. You get to just sit back and watch.
OK, You can write me comments, smarty :)

Ya know this blog thing actually just reminds me of a good old fashioned runon letter from English class. One great thing already, is that I've been getting back in touch with so many wonderful people, who have helped me with information. It's great to get back in touch with them and tell them I've opened this site. They are my new ROOTS, my friend & penpal roots and cousin roots. 'Cousin' roots so far out ( Ahem!) , they are like a giant spiderweb of family lines. Some so far out, they really did sail away and drop off the edge of the world, where there be Dragons. But I turned the world over and found them
Hooray, our family has a Discworld! and I frequently describe myself as a Turtle since I am slow at mulling things over. So it all works :)

Once again I can't get the italics to turn off. So guess they were meant to be or not to be.
I have a picture in my minds eye of Jane and her son - EWM, and my grandmother and my Mom. They are all sitting around playing scrabble at the kitchen table and in the rocking chairs and saying, "Oh, Look down over there at what that Katie is saying about us today. " Well, I can just hear my Great Grandfather EWM Evans as Baron Munchausen would say it, "NO, NO, NO, you've got quite all wrong!"

Happy Trails, Katiebird

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maps! We don't need no stinkin' maps

Ha! Ha! Hi Everybody, Crack myself up.

After reading over my last entries I thought I'd put up a couple of maps so you could try it for yourself. I used my little disc camera and dragged out our old Atlas, and now I see they didn't come out the greatest but that's not important. ( they looked in focus OK on the little camera view window - go figure? ) SOOOO You try to put your finger on London, England - Dublin, Ireland - Washington D.C. and see how you do. Try not to look at pictures with them named first - be honest with yourself and see how you do.

Then I also realized I have to watch what I'm writing. When I put on my profile that for music I like to just 'spin the dial'. How many younger people are not going to know what that is anymore - Awww, sniff sniff So if I'm not careful I'll be writing science fiction. Everything is buttons now. & actual radios are probably going to disappear now that everything is on cell phones and the like.

Well phooey, I wanted the pictures at the bottom or between the paragraphs. As you can tell they were all put at the top of this. I didn't see those choices, so I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Now I know, so I'll have to research how to put them as I really want. I tried copy/paste and dragging but obviously no luck. Frequently wish I had a 10 year old at my side. Those little buggers know everything now. ( Like we did back when )

Happy Trails, Katiebird

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Morning Everyone,

Yes, my Great Great Grandmother, on my Mother's side, was Jane Bury Scriven Evans, or Mrs. Edward Kentish Evans. She was the baby sister of Joseph Medlicott Scriven. He was born almost 10 years before her.

My oldest sister, is 10 years older than my youngest, sister. So my oldest sister was 'going out the door' and making her own family, when we were still little kids.

With Jane's older brothers going off to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. And military school across the channel in England, she was the 'baby' sister still at home, until she married Edward. Edward was from the area of Kilbroney, Ireland, which you can find on maps. It is just northeast of Banbridge and north of Dublin. Now when I started really working on the family history, I discovered I DIDN'T KNOW SQUAT about where to find places on the globe. Oh sure I'd heard of these places, read about them, saw them on Masterpiece Theater & BBC America and tons of other places BUT - Can you without looking it up - go to a map of England and... say ... put your finger on the general area of London? Can you go to a map of Ireland - and without looking - put your finger in the general area of Dublin ( I'll be generous and just say the general area )

How about this - right here in the United States - my youngest girl in right now going to University in Washington D.C.. Can you go to a map of the eastern seaboard and put your finger almost on where our District Of Columbia, our Nations Capitol is? I admit I couldn't and still have to scan in close on maps to actually see it's exact location - those states are all still a jumble in my minds eye. I could use the excuse that it's because I live all the way over in California - on the other side of the continent. BUT I was born in Rhode Island, so I really should be more aware. So one thing I'm hugely appreciative of, and enjoy is that I've been able to learn more geography.

So with a lot fewer people in those days in rural Ireland, and in the general same vicinity, I figure almost everyone knew each other ..... wouldn't you?

Still tinkering with figuring out working this Blog, so expect to improve greatly as we go on. I play with all the little fiddlily bits. Anyone who wishes to leave a comment and visit, is most welcome. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Best Wishes, Katiebird

Friday, April 23, 2010


GREETINGS Everyone Friday 23 April 2010

Well, thought this would be easy, but already cannot turnoff the bold or the italics, maybe they don't? Aargh. Sorry to learn on you all, so ask you forgive me and I will work to get better.

Welcome to my 1st blog anytime ever, in this whole wonderful universe of the internet. And boy am I nervous doing this. I'm sure a lot of you are sending me positive thoughts about how easy this will be in a short time. So I thank you all.

My GreatGreatGrandmother was Jane Bury Scriven. She was married to Edward Kentish Evans. So her full name was Jane Bury Scriven Evans. I know she is unknown to almost everyone, outside of my own family of relatives.
You will probably know better the name of her older brother, who was Joseph Medlicott Scriven. Yes, the hymn writer. Actually the lyric writer of the poem, 'Pray Without Ceasing', or better known as, 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus'.

I started working on my family history when I was a kid. The scraps I'd hear the grown-ups mention were so interesting. Like previews of the next episode on a TV show. Yet, I could never get a straight answer. How grown-ups love to send the kids packing, so they can talk better with the other adults. So the Scriven family, the Evans family and all my other names have been a wonderful lifelong hobby to research.

And it never ends, there is always something more to look for. I don't hunt for diamonds, or pan for gold ( some of my California 49er ancestors did - and found it! ). I don't expect to win the big lottery ( just winning a $1 scratcher makes me happy ) or the Publishers Clearinghouse ( who wouldn't love to open their front door and find them outside ).

My treasure is getting out and finding someones grave - heck! sometimes just figuring out where the cemetery is supposed to be. And I have tramped many small cemeteries trying to find the right place for a particular person. OR finding a certain document, or finally making contact with someone who has information - & why didn't I meet them from the get go?

So, because my GreatGreatGrandmother seems unknown to the world, it's been on my mind for some time to start this site.

If anyone cares to visit back, your most welcome to get in touch here. I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this, but it will be interesting to see. And even if I hear from noone at all, I can pretend I'm writing letters to my dearest Mother who has been dead now so many years, and share things with her.

So before I get boring. I'm going to wrap this up for today,

( I don't think Roy & Dale will mind if I borrow this )