Monday, March 7, 2011

Pilgrim Memorial, Provincetown ... Mayflower Monday Madness

Howdeee All,

Attended my 1st Mayflower Society luncheon on
February 26th. A birthday treat to myself. What a lovely group of happy people.

We met at the Cattlemens' Restaurant in Petaluma, CA..
Started off with the Pledge of Allegiance, which I found very refreshing to stand up and say. There was a roll-call, for which Pilgrim we came from. Fun to see there were 5 others from Governor William Bradford like me.

Surprising to find I sat across the table from 2 sweet ladies, Barbara Millet Webster & her sister, Myrna. Barbara was the best friend of Blanch Evans when they were growing up !!! Blanch - my mother's cousin. Of all the people in the room ~ they are the ones I chatted with right off and shared the dishes with.

Barbara told me her Mayflower ancestor actually had gone overboard during the crossing in a storm. But that he was able to grab some ropes and get back aboard. God! How scary is that and almost unbelievable. That the ship was swaying so much, it leaned so far to the water he could grab ahold and get back aboard. How fantastical
The world isn't just small ~ it's a Mobius strip!

These photos from the website for the
Pilgrim Memorial Monument at Provincetown.
I had never heard of this before and it's on the cover
of The Mayflower Quarterly booklet for this last December 2010. So naturally curious I looked it up online. A great website with loads to look at.
Anyone taking a trip to see Mayflower or Pilgrim stuff, this is 1 place I'd definitely go see. I'm sure it's on the hit list with schools and groups to visit. They are probably mobbed all school year.

Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

Sorry to say I have lost my Youtube video link to the story about Joseph Scriven :(
It's not on Youtube anylonger. If I find it again, I'll post it. It was a nice video about his life and the photography in it was great.

I thought it was something I did when I changed my background for the Blog. I wasn't looking forward to working on the nuts & bolts to fix it.

ANyway I poked around for awhile trying to find what happened to it, and found it's gone. PHEW! A relief to know it wasn't something I'd done.

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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