Monday, February 28, 2011

What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Madness Monday

Howdeee Everyone
NOT LeapYear

Since my birthday was last week. I bet everyone with February birthdays follow whether it's a Leap Year or not. So many things to share but will just do the following for now.

I'm a Science Fiction fan since I could pick up a book. I clearly remember reading "Zip Zip and the little Red planet ~ or ~ little something?" When I was in elementary school. & I fell in love with the books of Andre Norton by age 9 and kept on going from there.

I just watched the movie "The Troll Hunter" & loved it so much I wrote to the director,
Andre Ovredal, on FACEBOOK. What the heck does this have to do with Joseph Medlicott Scriven? Well, if you watch the whole movie you'll find out! & when I did, I cracked up laughing
And it does really connect to a madness theme for Madness Monday, so this all ties together.

Katie Morris February 25, 9:05 pm to Andre Ovredal

I LOVE the whole movie "The Troll Hunter". I live in California & only know English but I don't even remember reading the subtitles ( which were very well done, Thank you )
I cracked up laughing when Hans plays "What A Friend We have in Jesus". Joseph M. Scriven who wrote this was my Great Great Uncle. His sister Jane ... was my Great Great Grandmother.
My blog for her is "Katie's Scriven Hall".
I am recommending the movie to my friends & family. & I will watch it again. Congratulations on your good work & everyone who was involved in making it!
Best Regards, Katie

André Øvredal February 26 at 4:56am
Dear Katie! How great! Wonderful that you liked the movie so much and great fun that your Great Great Uncle wrote the song! It was just the perfect song for that moment, we searched high and low for the correct one. It was a lot of fun putting the ideas of the fairy tales, like the "fact" that they can smell Christian man´s blood, into a real context, then adding twists like having the trolls react to Christian themed songs and setting up questions like - what about people of other faiths? It was fun all around :-)

Anyway - really nice of you to contact me, and

my best wishes,


p.s. I will say I found the poster on Google images saying it may be copywrited. So if anyone wants to tell me to take it down - I'll happily comply - until then here it is

Happy Trails Katiebird

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