Sunday, March 13, 2011

"What A Friend We Have In Jesus" & St. Patrick's Day on Sentimental Sunday, Katie Morris


St. Patrick's Day
March 17 - 2011

I just finished reading a lovely little book, as the author travels the circuit around old Ireland & writes his impressions. He remarks that in almost every little hamlet & wayside stop, he could always see in windows of the shops, dwellings & homes he was invited into, postcards like these . Written from family & friends overseas ... or ... for sale to send. You know whole towns & hamlets in Ireland were saved during the Potato Famine by cities here in the United States of America. The Irish here sending over money to see them thru hard times. Then and later sending money and presents of goods from here in America, back to their loved ones.

I was curious about my Great Grandfather, EWM ~ Mervyn Evans. I wish I could have known him and listened to him talk. I asked my older cousin Alyne, about him one day. She remarked, "Oh no, he didn't sound Irish at all, no accent". Well, of course, when the family came over from Ireland in 1869, he was only about 9 years old, so growing up here he lost the Irish voice. I was disappointed hearing that.

I'm sure his parents, Jane & Edward, would have kept the Irish in their voices all their lives.

I was thinking that Janes older brother, Joseph Medlicott Scriven, would probably have kept the Irish in his voice all his life too. What a treasure it would be with all the technology we have today, . . . . . if we could have "What A Friend We Have In Jesus", in his own Irish'r voice.

When I was growing up, we were always told, "Oh yes, your Irish & German & English ....."
I sort of knew the old people came from those countries. Only living life here in this current life of days passing, those other places were like a wisp from an almost forgotten dream. Unreal to me.
Doing the genealogy is a wonderful course in geography, history, biographies & more. For me it makes these unmet ancestors come alive and be real persons. I can see them all as in a Masterpiece Theater story.

Now that we'll be celebrating St.Patricks' Day for Ireland this Thursday, I wish we had a day to celebrate for Germany & England & all the other countries as the calendar year goes by. I think that would be great fun!

~ ~ ~REMEMBER ~ ~

Everyone is IRISH on
St. Patrick's Day
so be sure to wear some Green somewhere ~ somehow ~ someway . . . . so you don't get pinched!

Happy Trails, Katie Morris

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