Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just got this ' Tombstone' Tuesday


Caroline Chamberlin Shepler
died 21 April, 1899 ?

connects to

John Quincey Adams BALLOU, a previous post.

Working on Mr. Ballou's family to find our 'Auntie Tupper', I've been so lucky to have a lovely lady penpal of Mr. Ballou's family, Glenna. Glenna has sent me some wonderful Ballou family things; people photographs, large family Ballou Bible, and assorted other little goodies. I try to think to ask others when they help me, if I can do anything for them here.

Glenna mentioned her relatives had been looking for Caroline Chamberlin Shepler for a long time. Believed died in Oakland, California or Alameda, California .... I found several things about the family, census stuff ... other tidbits. Could never find Caroline's obit. I frequently order up newspaper microfilms using my library's interlibrary loan system. Takes time, but saves me a lot of driving and other bother. Could never find her obit.

Out of the blue last night, I heard from another sweet lady 'Jonne', also been looking for Caroline too ..... TACOMA, WASHINGTON Caroline is buried in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA.

Who knew !!!! Have to write back to Jonne and ask how they ever found Caroline up in TAcoma. So glad to forward the Tombstone picture and information on to Glenna. Wish I was up there to clean up the stone and try it see everything on it better. Glenna first mentioned Caroline to me back in January of 2009. So a year and a half's not so bad a patch. Makes me feel like I'm an archaeologist!

A refreshing change to take a break and help others out. Digging for your own people all the time, writing off for information, finding volunteers .... it helps to take a break and do totally different people for someone else. & I have great BIG story for that ( to put in another post ) which is actually about my lovely penpal in Ireland, Irene.

So a great success story with CAroline and Gold Stars all around,

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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