Friday, June 25, 2010

Follow Friday? isn't that Saturday!

Ha! Ha!

Geesh! time can't go this fast but already a month has flown by since my last entry. Just too much life going on to sit down and putter at the blog. Most **Wonderful** oldest daughter has graduated from CSULA, in Los Angeles, California with her Master's in Accounting. So horribly proud of her I could bust and almost squeezed her to death several times. Hey, she & her sis are my living dolls, of course I want to play with them. Was a great visit, always too short.
This time also had first visit to the La Brea Tarpits, park in almost downtown LA. Always wanted to go see this, and see if it looks anything like they use in movies, hmmm... some yes, some no. A beautiful park, got lots of pictures. Did not know the pits formed long AFTER the reptile dino's went their way in the BIG die off. So they don't pull out any T-REx or such biggies.

Youngest most **Wonderful** daughter returns to Gallaudet D.C. in mid-July so getting in all the hugs I can before that. Try to get enough to last until Xmas vacation, if she comes home then??? What does Mom ever know ?

So June almost over but had great genealogy results this month. Lovely volunteer in Scotland sent me photos of graves. I had lost the ones I had, and these were hugely welcome replacements. The last of my Evans line in the UK. This too huge a story to type all now.
Heard from a in-law relation of this line, with a new address. This time I got the stamp with the fairy in her chariot drawn by birds & a red mail box set in a brick wall.
Sadly received word of an older relative here in California died. This family line my grandfathers. Another huge story with this line to much to type today. In brief had visited with her mother-in-law 25 years ago, she died and then lost all touch. I shared a lot of this family history with the town museum & historical society. A couple of years ago, here comes her granddaughter asking about the family? The docent got us in touch with each other. Success story***
Just remember - when something doesn't work and you can't find anything - then cross that off your list and move onto something else. Even not finding information is information too.

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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