Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday "Put A Stamp On IT!"

How can I stay wordless when I LOVE stamps so much. Stamps from Wales, UK came this week, on genealogy correspondence. I love the Darwin zoology and the other 3 made me get out the magnifying glass.

Wonder if Dr. Lister is any connection with "LISTERINE mouthwash"? Oh come on - If you haven't heard of Dr. Lister, then get cracking and learn some history. He's one of the standout Dr.s of why we have such safe medicine now.

I became a stamp nut when I was about 9, rummaging around in Grandma Alma's closet and pulled out an old stamp album. Asked her if I could have it and she gave it to me ( & I still have it ).

Went GAGA for the idea of the jigsaw puzzle shape. Made me curious about stamps in the UK, so just popped in some search words on the laptop and checked out the results. Several sites with pictures, besides the official

CAn you say, DAVE McKEAN and NEIL GAIMAN? If you don't know these names then "I pity the fool" ( ya have to say it like Mr. T ) & IF you don't know Terry Pratchett or Douglass Adams ( sniff - sniff ) then your in worse shape than I thought. Get yourself to the bookstore right away - "Don't PANIC". My old Discworld paperback covers and Hitchhiker's covers are treasures. They switched over to a different artist and don't print those beautiful originals over here in the USA. Reminds me of the art on the Mars book covers, by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I got those when I was a kid.

Wouldn't you love to buy and use these pictures?

Many more designs and themes, ( the old red mailboxes caught my eye!) Aren't the FAntaSy ones here gorgeous?

You thought genealogy was just stuffy, dusty old files, name and dates, HA!

Happy Trails, Katiebird



  1. My Aunt saved stamps from all over the world when her son was in the Navy. She gave a few to my daughter...
    Love yours.

  2. Hi Hummer, My Aunt Barbara used to give me stamps too. Isn't it great when others enable your addiction! She knew people who traveled around the world. Hey, your daughter might enjoy the movie 'CHARADE', with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Remember it's all about chasing after some valuable stamps? Happy Days, Katiebird :)