Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sidetracked by BALLOU from Treasure Chest Thursday

Great Morning ALL,

Arrrrgh! Keep getting sidetracked from entering about ggGrandma Jane but she doesn't mind waiting a bit ( XX fingers - "HI, up There Grandma" :) Read Leslie Ann Ballou made the idea for 'Treasure Chest Thursday'.
BALLOU is now stuck in my head, so have to write about this and get it out.

John Bradford Tupper, my ggGrandfather. When his brother Seth, died back in New Hampshire, he invited Seth's widow & 2 sons, to come live with him & his 7 children in Graton or now called Sebastopol, California. John was a widower when his wife, Martha Douglass died.
AFter most of the children had grown and gone, John and Seth's widow - Elizabeth Kimball Tupper married.

Elizabeth was affectionately called, 'Auntie Tupper' by her large 2nd family.
Auntie Tupper's sister, was CAtherine Kimball who married, John Quincy Adams BAllOU.
This Mr. Ballou was the famous founder of the dried fruit industry in San Jose, California. He's easy to read about online.

My current relatives had lost track of what happened to Auntie Tupper. It was a tough search but I found the end of her story. Especially with some great help from my sister. & in doing so, am now happily in touch with some descended relatives of this BALLOU line. I'll get more loaded on my laptop, so I can share things about them. It's a small, small world isn't it!

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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