Monday, May 17, 2010

'Monday Happiness' not Monday Madness!

.I scored so hugely last week, it'll keep me going for a long time.
Back in 1960 my family lived in Arkansas and the Beville's were our good friends there. Fast forward to 1985 and my Mom is dying of cancer. After so many years we were out of touch, but I connected K Beville. She sent out to me here in California, a lovely letter and included pictures. Gave Mom some happy hours which I'm grateful for. Now over the years the letter disappeared and I couldn't find them anymore. I'd putter along at it but never found anything. Pretty Maddening when you can't find someone - Right? We left Arkansas with about 10 pictures, and 5 of them have the Beville's in them. With my scanner now I could share them.

So here we are 25 years later. Last week I visited with K Beville on the phone, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

How did I do that?

Well, so many things are coming online now. I found the town in Arkansas has a newspaper website now, so I put an inquiry entry there. Nothing came of that. Figured before I went looking all over for them, I should make sure I had Beville spelled right. So I emailed the Police Station there and asked them if anyone there remembered the family? got a nice reply that the Station wasn't there in 1960 and so couldn't help, but suggested why don't I try the city clerk's office?

So I found the city clerk's online and emailed them with my story. Got a nice reply that a lady who worked part-time there knew the family's daughter. If I left my phone number, she'd call me when she comes in. & she did. She gave me an address, email address, home phone # & cell phone #'s. Talk about a *****GOLD MINE******.
Now when I tried one of the cell numbers it belonged to someone else. So I shot off a letter with all my contact info, just before the postal lady came. You won't believe this but K Beville called me the next day!
What a great USPS we have.
K and I were on the phone a long time, and are now emailing each other.

Maybe this worked because our town in Arkansas is so small. Hey! their growing. got 2 stop lights now & one of 'em WalMart put in. But the idea of the search should work AnyTown USA. Get out of the mindbox and think creatively. Everyplace & everyone has an address and usually a phone. I personally write letters every day off to people & places looking for information. & if they can't help - do they know anything or have any advice to give me. Do they know anyone else I might contact for help or information. I love my volunteers who have helped me & can't praise them enough.

So don't get Mad - get busy. Noone's gonna knock on your door and just hand you stuff. HOW are they gonna know, if you don't go looking. So make some new friends and learn some new stuff. Write to strangers and have some fun. Good Luck

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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