Monday, January 17, 2011

Mrs. Elizabeth Marmion - Tombstone Tuesday


Died 18 January, 1865

Elizabeth Barclay Evans Brown,
wife of Henry Marmion of The Island, co. Cork, Ireland.

Born in 1812 she was almost 53 years old. She & Henry had 5 children I know of, surviving to adults. Henry went on to remarry and have more children. Philip Marmion, a lovely gentleman in Surrey, who I correspond with, is descended from this 2nd family. Henry was his Grandfather.

Elizabeth was born to not yet Rev., John Brown & Elizabeth Barclay Evans. When Elizabeth was born, her mother died shortly after on 19 June, 1812. She was buried at St. Anne's Church gravyard in Dublin.
Unfortunately the gravyard was paved over and no tombstones survive, the Church tells me. I was hoping to have a photo of her stone, alas!

Her father Rev. John Brown, went on to marry again to Anna McCartney in 1815. She also a Scriven descendant. Anna will be mother to little baby Elizabeth until she marries Henry Marmion, 23 years later. Then Anna dies in 1839. Living to 1 year after she sees Elizabeth wed.
John married a 3rd time to Margaret Simpson and will have more children with her.
Rev. John Brown, father of Mrs. Elizabeth Marmion, is buried at his church, St. Mary's, Leicester, England.

Photo above of Rev. John Brown hangs in his Church St. Mary's. I am indebted to the lovely Mrs. Virginia Wright, Historical advisor, for sending me this & several items about the Church.

Dr. William Barclay Brown Scriven, brother of Jane

Yes, buried down in this whole story it comes to GGgreatgrandma Jane

Dr. Scriven named for;
William - his Grandfather William Scriven
Barclay - GreatGrandmother Elizabeth Barclay
Brown - Uncle in Law Rev. John Brown

Yeah! Lots of names get confusing, but if you can follow any of this - good on you!

Hope to find little Elizabeth's grave in France one day and photo it for my collection.

Happy Trails, KATIEBIRD


  1. As a child I was taught that it was shameful for a living person to walk on someone's grave I can't help but wonder what goes through the minds of workers who pave over an entire graveyard.

    1. Yes! and then as time goes on - people forget and have no clue there are graves underfoot.

  2. I'm researching this arm of the Marmion family and note that there doesnt seem to be any mention of Elizabeth re-marrying. The BMD register indicates that she married in Camberwell, London, England in the 4th quarter of 1864. She either married Charles Sheppard or Thomas Joseph May. I'm just started working on which one! The date of Elizabeth's death in Bolougne, France is alos interesting. Ive looked at the death records for Bolougne and I cant find a record that matches that date. I'd would welcome your comments.

  3. Awwwk! Roger I had a whole reply written out and hit the wrong button - it all disappeared. If you write again I will keep an eye out and reply ASAP :) Katie

  4. Hi Katie. Still struggling a bit with the Marmions. It's certainly not easy! You mentioned that Henry Richard and Elizqbeth Barclay Evans Bronw had 5 children that you are aware of. Would one of them be William Albert, born 7 Jul 1854 in London? If so, can you tell me who the others were by chance?

    You can reply to me directly at if you prefer.