Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Wedding 1868 ..... Sentimental Sunday


October 31 1868, Rev. Jenks of St. John's Episcopal Church in Petaluma, entered in his ledger on Saturday, the marriage of;
Mary Ann Elizabeth Timms & Joseph Richard Hinkston
The Sonoma County Clerk issued the license Monday, October 27.
The Wedding was Wednesday, October 28.

Almost 50 years later in this same church, St. John's Episcopal, June 1917, their grandson, Harold Henry Cluver marries Jane Bury Scriven's granddaughter, Alma Muriel Evans.
Their wedding was the joining of 2 large ranches at Petaluma. The Hinkston Ranch on the road from Petaluma to Sonoma Town that was bought from General Mariano Vallejo. And the Timms Ranch, just south of Petaluma.

Both the Timms & Hinkston families were pioneers to early California. Mary Ann's parents, Ann & Anthony Timms came from England in 1841 to Michigan. & on to California crossing the Isthmus of Panama ( a horrible journey that deserves better telling ) . Richard's family, Hinkston began from New York. His father Harlow, pioneering out to Missouri and marrying Nancy Hill there. Then to California in a Wagon Train.

So many wonderful old Halloween pictures - my favorite
is always Pumpkin Head from the OZ stories.

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