Monday, September 6, 2010

' What A Friend We Have In Jesus' & 'Brother Ire'

'Brother Ire'
Back about 1959 my mother recorded on our reel to reel tape recorder ( My Dad brought it home from his Navy tour to Japan ) the song, 'Brother Ire'. Brother Ire has always been a favorite of mine since then. Mom knew I liked it and used to say 'Brother Ire' once in awhile to tease me. It always had the leadin & end music of 'Rock of Ages'. My recorder and tapes have been in storage for awhile and I've been missing listening to them. So the other day I looked on the internet and found it. This is not the rendition I have on the tapes.

The Story Of Brother Ire by The Dixie Echoes

and here you can hear the whole song played by Rhapsody.

What a TOTAL surprise, this rendition begins with, 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus'. I couldn't believe it when I listened the first time. By the end refrain I thought I'd imagined hearing the Scriven song at the beginning. I had to play it over a couple of times.

I NEVER would have imagined I'd ever hear these 2 things combined. Brother Ire a huge favorite from my childhood and the Scriven song. I cannot even express what an amazing - whatever - --- this is to me.

So then I wondered if I could find the rendition I grew up with and have on my old tapes, online.

I listen to Porter Waggner & Jim Reeves and all I could find. Eventually I got to his own,
Archie Campbell's on Youtube, from 1960 the creator of

Trouble In The Amen Corner---Archie Campbell

This is the version I grew up with & so love to hear, Brother Ire.

Hope everyone is having a Great Labor Day Weekend,

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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