Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sentimental Sunday & Video


Most Wonderful youngest daughters BIRTHDAY today,
'Happy Birthday CARLA DEE'
. Since she's clear across on the other coast & won't spend day together, gives me time to be on blog.

Spent some time fiddling around with nuts & blots backstage here. More than 1 trial and error and finally figured how to get just the ONE video to show. Several times Youtube wanted to be helpful and add so many more for things I've never looked at. Thanks, Youtube but I just want the 1 for now.

I watched "What A Friend We Have In Jesus", put up by whatsmylife, quite awhile ago. Then I wrote to them. Had several so nice emails with Keith, my new penpal. He was very generous and told me it would be fine to share the video on my blogsite. Just takes me awhile to get chunks of stuff done. This video struck me as putting everything all together in an easy way to follow. & I like the way it begins in Ireland . . . and then moves on.

Watching this as it tells of Joseph's 1st sweetheart drowning in Ireland, Jane would have been in her early teen years. And when Joseph 1st goes to Canada in 1844 on the video, she was about 15. Imagine an older sibling leaving when your that age, and maybe never seeing them again for years. Happens all the time with people going into the military, or school far away. When Joseph returned to Ireland on a visit, 20 years may have passed before Jane saw her big brother again. So many families have these dear strangers.

A down under wonderful "cousin" sent me some letters . . . "treasure". From 1868 & 1877. A younger brother writing to his older brother across the oceans & continents & time - of 50? years. To make touch and reach out to share his memory & feeling of love of family before his life ended. These from a Crawford Uncle of Jane & her husband. Remember Jane and Edward were 1st cousins!

Phew enough chat - enjoy the video

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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