Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MARMION - Tombstone Tuesday


A wonderful surprise today when I received this tombstone photo from my penpal, Bill Fahy of County Cork, Ireland.

Jane's father-in-law Reverend Edward Evans, had 1 natural sister - Elizabeth Barclay Evans who married Rev. John Brown. Jane was also a 1st cousin of Elizabeth ( thru their Scriven lines ). Elizabeth died very young, just after her only daughter was born & also named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth married Henry Richard Marmion.

This is the tombstone of Richard Walter Evans Marmion and family. His parents were Henry Richard Marmion & Elizabeth Barclay Evans Brown.

I've worked a few years trying to find this family stone. Bill has been such a kind person sending me information from his side of the Atlantic and making suggestions. I'm glad to say I've read & seen many interesting things from lovely people I've corresponded with. But we had pretty much decided that mother nature had reclaimed it. Probably even was aging into the ocean at a seaside cemetery.

This photo just came online this month of August 2010 !

" Photo by Mary Leonard-Walsh,Cork".
I wrote to Mary to thank her for her posting, and she so kindly sent me more photos of the Creagh cemetery & Church. A lovely lady that has taken a LOT of cemetery photos.

And now I have a copy. Here it is at last, the stone I had read about and couldn't find. Boom! So much is being submitted by wonderful volunteers. More and more every day at so many various sites, & for so many varied subjects. Never stop checking a site, like a closed book on the shelf when your done reading it. Keep a list on the side to remind yourself to go back and check - even if only once a year for new things. Say "HI". Make it easy for others to spot you and help. Don't expect people to search back thru the past years of entries and spot you.

I've written to some entries I had nothing to contribute, but to ask them since they are local people for their advice. Especially when it's a site overseas like in Ireland, England, Scotland ...
All have answered my ignorant questions so nicely. AND made several suggestions that led me to treasure.

Happy Trails, Katiebird

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  1. Hello Katie. Are you still researching the Marmion families?